Sobredosis de amor is a danceable lecture created by Ericka Florez with Hernán Barón in 2014. The audience will be invited to dance during, while the lecturers through its soundtrack analyse the drug trafficking conflict and its most difficult decade (80's) in Colombia.

The project Sobredosis de amor is a danceable lecture created as part of La Nocturna´s program in Cali, Colombia. La Nocturna is an artist collective platform that experiment with discursive and pedagogical formats. It is based in Cali, Colombia and their projects are inspired by local metaphors (images from popular belief and practices), myths, economies and strategies mixed with current discussions on contemporary culture, subjectivity and art. La Nocturna seeks to link formal and informal ways of coming together around knowledge. Its programme brings together agendas and budgets of different local institutions, without being tied to any of them. Rather than being a new artist-run space, this is a platform that infiltrates and uses already existing platforms.