Silja Leifsdottir's participation is supported by OCA.

Silja Leifsdottir is currently curator for the Norwegian Sculptors Society in Oslo. She is on the board of The Norwegian Association of Curators that recently has conducted a national survey of the living condition of Norwegian curators, and she is the co-founder of SKREID publishing, an independent publisher of Nordic photobooks. She was a co-curator at the artist-run gallery Holodeck in Oslo for two years (2012–2013) and is the co-founder and director of U.F.O. – Exhibition Guide For Oslo. In addition to her own practice, she has worked as a coordinator at Fotogalleriet, a non-profit institution for contemporary camera-based art in Oslo established in 1977. Silja initiated the Grønland Gallery Weekend (2013) which transitioned into the Oslo Art Weekend (2014–). Silja studied at the Fine Art Photography department at The Glasgow School of Art (2005-2008) and MA Curatorial Practice at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2015-2017).   

In Working Group: Fees & Conditions she represents The Norwegian Association of Curators

The Norwegian Association of Curators is a national, independent organisation that works to enhance the understanding of curatorial practice in Norway and to promote the legal and economic conditions of its members vis-à-vis public policymakers and cultural institutions. To this end, the Association initiates professional forums for discussions around contemporary curatorial practices, documents the history of the profession, and contributes to discourses relevant to the field. The Norwegian Association of Curators collaborates with other arts organisations, institutions and groups in Norway and internationally.

The Board of the Norwegian Association of Curators consists of five members and three deputy members. The current Board is comprised of: Natalie Hope O`Donnell (Chair), Kjersti Solbakken (Vice Chair), Martin Braathen (Board Member), Nora Ceciliedatter Nerdrum (Board Member), Marie Nerland (Board Member), Helena Holmberg (Deputy Board Member), Geir Haraldseth (Deputy Board Member), Silja Leifsdottir (Deputy Board Member).