Soukaina Joual's paticipation is supported by L'Appartement 22.

Soukaina Joual is a visual artist, her videos, performances, paintings and installations are at the intersection of art, performance and a concern with how one’s body can translate and reflect various tensions, dynamics and differences at stake. Most of her work translates her commitment to various forms of presence, and how she trades various shifts between visibility and invisibility, belonging and absence. Joual simultaneously blurs the lines between public and private space, the individual and the community, the inside and the outside of our bodies; by elaborating proposals which tackle the limits between an artistic intervention and an everyday civic action.

After her graduation from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts in Tetouan (2011), she participated in various projects in institutions and spaces in Morocco and abroad, including Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON (2016), Space Jikka (2015), Friche de la Belle de Mai (2015), La Galerie Du Crous De Paris (2013), French Institute of Fez (2013), Cité internationale des Arts (2012), WEG WEG WEG Film program (2011). During her residency at L’appartement 22 in 2016 and 2017, she conducted research and produced a series of works on the differences between men/women. The works were exhibited in JF_JH égalités, co-curated by Karima Boudou and Abdellah Karroum (Curatorial Delegation).