Zeynep Öz's participation is supported by SAHA.

Zeynep Öz is a curator based in Istanbul. She was one of the interlocutors of the Sharjah Biennial 13, organizing the off- site project in Istanbul. She was also a co-curator of the Aichi Triennale 3 in 2016. Öz co-founded SPOT Production Fund in Istanbul in 2011, and was the director of Produce series (I, II, III) commissioned by SPOT Production Fund. She has curated projects such as: “Produce III- The Game Settled into a Cagey Midfield Match,” at SPOT Production Fund, Istanbul (2016), “Greatest Common Factor,” at SALT, Istanbul (2016), “Produce II- Anybody Could Be A Sculptor,” at SPOT Production Fund, Istanbul (2014), “Plastic Veins” at Home Works VI, Beirut (2013), “Selling Snails in the Muslim Neighborhood” at the Westfaelischer Kunstverein in Muenster (2013), “Produce I- Change Will Be Terrific!” at SPOT Production Fund, Istanbul (2012). Öz is a curricular committee member of the Home Workspace Program, Ashkal Alwan. She holds a B.A in Math and Studio Arts from Dartmouth College and an M.A. in Curatorial Studies from Bard College.